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Court Reporting, Captioning, and CART Providing are wonderful careers that offer job security, lucrative incomes, and the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

A court reporter provides detailed and accurate records and transcripts of court proceedings, hearings, depositions, arbitrations, and any meeting where a verbatim transcript is required.

In recent years, court reporting has shifted some of its focus outside the courtroom, providing services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Court reporters are able to assist these individuals with closed captioning and real-time services, as they have the necessary skills, speed and accuracy to do so.



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News Update!  June 4, 2012 – Forbes Lists Court Reporting as Number 6 in the Top 10 Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree!

This field is about balancing efficiency and correctness, while being able to deliver in a timely and professional manner. While it’s nearly impossible to be perfect all of the time, thorough individuals best serve this field, as perfection is the groundwork for court reporting.

If you have the determination to become a court reporter, the next step is to find a quality training program.  The website  is the most extensive informational website on the internet detailing the requirements for a quality court reporting school.

The job outlook for court reporters is high, especially with the added need for real-time court reporting,  closed captioning, and CART Providing services. The fields  are  lucrative and  the U.S. Department of Labor forecasts job growth of 25% over the next 4 or 5 years.

Our website offers the right tools and information to assist individuals in their overall vision of becoming a court reporter, closed captioner, or CART Provider. With an overwhelming number of opportunities in this field, we are committed to providing upfront, relevant information that will help jumpstart your court reporting career.

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